The prize draw will be taking place on September 23rd 2022, at a special event hosted by Schnauzer & Beagle Brewing.

What better way to support a charity by entering a prize draw! Not only are doing an amazing thing by donating, but you are in with a chance to win some super prizes! Tickets cost €5 each and can be purchased here through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account however), or through Bank Transfer. You can purchase as many tickets as possible, and remember the more you purchase, the more chance you have of winning!

Please note that this draw is open to everyone worldwide, not just residents of Austria or Vienna. I will guarantee that all prizes are transferable to the country/area where you are living (e.g. if you are UK based and won the Gurkerl.at voucher, then I would make sure you recieved a Waitrose/Ocado/Tesco etc. voucher of the same value in £. If you won the meat package then I would arrange something with your local butcher or a butcher nationwide butcher who delivers, etc.). The idea of this is get as many tickets sold as possible and include as many people as well. So do not worry about missing out if you do not live here, I will make sure something to the value or more of the original prize is arrange for you.


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